Due to numerous enquiries from international tourists , we have decided to provide a service to assist prospective tourists to South Africa.

VSR is not a security service! It is a database, displaying information that is provided by venue owners regarding the security of their venues.

Our aim is to provide information to international and local tourists about safe venues and destinations in South Africa.

The VSR rating is based on a list of criteria regarding safety which is completed by the owner of a specific venue, restaurant, holiday accommodation, hotels etc.

The owner or representative of the venue declares that all information provided by him is true and he may be removed from our database if otherwise proven.

Once you have registered your venue and paid the registration and listing fee, you will have to complete the questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is submitted , you will not be able to access it again. The rating will then be calculated and published on the database with your listing.

The venue will obtain a rating out of 5 based on the information provided by the owners or representatives of the specific venue.

Remember, venues with a VSR rating of 1or 2 will still be acceptable for tourists. However a rating of 3 or 4 will be more attractive. As long as you are VSR rated , you will be entitled to present the Venue Safe Rating ™ sign on your venue and stationery.

If the rating is not acceptable for the owners or representatives, we advise that they have a physical “Risk Assessment” done by RISK ASSESSMENT SPECIALISTS. These specialists can advise and assist them to make the venue or premises safer which will allow them to obtain a better VSR rating. VSR is not a security service. Please visit the ALWINCO website or or other security services for more information on Risk Assessment.


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